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Sungai tutong downstream flood mitigation

The objective of this scheme is to provide protection from a 1- in-100 year flood to the residents, commercial areas, schools and community facilities in Penapar area down to Lubok Pulau. The following strategies are used: riverside bunding of four areas; pump stations and floodgates to discharge internal stormwaters; widening of Sg Tutong and bypass channels to improve flood conveyance and lessen meandering flow.

A total of 392 houses, 350 allotments, 14 commercial premises, four schools, two Balai Raya, and one mosque covering 292 hectares are protected from flooding as well as mains power substations and other utilities.

The project was completed as a design and construct, with a five year operational contract on completion. KPI Sdn Bhd were commissioned as the lead engineers and environmental impact assessors for the EIA and EMMP.